Product classification
. Hydraulic protective sleeve
. Plating film

Enterprise value view

Customer focused: Respect customer’s benefit; respect customer’s feeling; respect customer’s will; serve our customers in the view of doctor.
Honesty first: Supply the most valuable service for customers with good faith; perform the obligation of honest enterprise forever; be an upright person at first and then work; moral quality molds charm; charm casts success.
Being innovative: Innovation and revolution; hug change; seek for change in movement; seek for strategy in change; never stop breakthrough;
Being cooperative and enterprising: Being untied and enterprising;

Team value view

Performing: No any pretext. Be true in words and resolute in deed;
Trust: credit first; free communication;
Competition: Share in study; create in competition; grow in sharing and creation;
Being professional: Be industrious and enterprising; scrupulously abide by professional moral.

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